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Vertex Evaluation and Research, LLC helps organizations continuously improve through providing evaluation, research, technical assistance, and training services. Through a combination of expertise, novel methods, and a multidisciplinary perspective, Vertex enables organizations to identify new ways to solve intractable problems. Vertex's solutions are developed as dynamic approaches to problem solving that focus on fostering incremental improvement with continual monitoring to ensure that solutions are robust and appropriately adjust to organizational changes over time. Vertex works closely with clients throughout all stages of a project to ensure that Vertex's mixed-methods approach to problem solving will result in actionable recommendations to improve organizational effectiveness and learning.


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Daniel Basco, PhD has spent his career leveraging academic methods and techniques to answer practical policy questions. Prior to founding Vertex Evaluation and Research, he was a researcher at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California. At RAND, Basco worked on numerous projects from developing systems to measure the impact of R&D investments to providing higher education administrators with analyses to support strategic decision making. Across the projects that Basco led, he was known for mixing qualitative and quantitative methods in new ways to provide actionable information to a diversity of clients. Basco retains an affiliation with RAND as an adjunct researcher. Basco began his career in Washington, DC working as a management consultant and researcher supporting the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health.



Pardee RAND Graduate School
Ph.D., Public Policy Analysis
M. Phil, Public Policy Analysis

Northwestern University
B.S., Social Policy and Education


Vertex works with consultants across the United States on an ad hoc basis to provide additional labor, methodological expertise, and experience in a variety of fields. Vertex is currently working with:

  • Economists,

  • Policy Analysts,

  • Entrepreneurship Researchers,

  • Computational Linguist, and a

  • Computer Scientist.