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Mixed-method evaluation and research services to improve policies and programs.

Vertex Evaluation and Research, LLC is a consulting firm that provides evaluation and research services to improve organizational learning and effectiveness for foundations, governments, education institutions, and private firms. Using a multi-faceted approach, Vertex helps organizations analyze and solve problems in new ways, often through leveraging a unique combination of traditional and cutting-edge social science techniques.  

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Areas of Practice

Vertex Evaluation and Research specializes in three topical areas of evaluation and research.

Policy for Entrepreneurship

Vertex can help governments, entrepreneurial support organizations, and philanthropic foundations better understand entrepreneurs' needs and identify effective policy solutions for increasing entrepreneurial activity.

Evaluation of Scientific Research

Vertex can help governments, philanthropic foundations, and private firms better understand how their R&D investments lead to broader impacts on academia, government, the economy and society.

Education Administration

Vertex can help institutions, systems, and governments develop continuous improvement activities to target and solve complex problems that impede student success.


Vertex leverages a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to assess problems from multiple perspectives to identify optimal solutions. Methods include:

  • Computational Techniques for Large Scale Problems

  • Survey Development and Analysis

  • Consensus-Building Approaches

  • Program Evaluation Design and Implementation

  • Data Science Techniques including Econometric Analysis

  • Qualitative Methods and Analysis

See our Services page for more information on methods that Vertex can use to help you.

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Vertex participates in the
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Vertex participates in the
U.S. Small Business Administration HUBZone Program as a certified business.