Vertex Evaluation and Research, LLC provides evaluation and research services customized to specific organizations and issues. Vertex is also available to support other research and evaluation organizations in conducting their projects.



Vertex inherently takes a mixed-methods approach to problem solving. In today's complex world, it is rare that an individual method, used in isolation, will provide enough insight to identify the optimal solution for an organization. Vertex leverages a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to assess problems from multiple perspectives to identify optimal solutions.

Program Evaluation

  • Evaluation Plan Development
  • Logic Model Development
  • Formative Evaluation
  • Continuous Improvement Research
  • Summative Evaluation
  • Data Management System Development

Data science

  • Econometric Analysis
  • Regression Analysis

Consensus-Building Approaches

  • Delphi Panels
  • ExpertLens Panels

Survey Development and Analysis

  • Instrument Design and Development 
  • Survey Administration
  • Survey Analysis

Qualitative Methods

  • Structured and Semi-Structured Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Design Workshops
  • Qualitative Coding and Analytics

Computational Techniques

  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Large-Scale Optimization
  • Machine-Learning Algorithms

Areas of Practice

Vertex Evaluation and Research focuses on three areas of practice.

Policy for Entrepreneurship

How can local, state, and Federal governments use policy to incentivize entrepreneurial activity? Vertex can help your organization better understand issues at the intersection of public policy and entrepreneurship. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, Vertex can help governments, entrepreneurial support organizations, and philanthropic foundations better understand entrepreneurs' needs and identify effective solutions for increasing entrepreneurial activity.

Evaluation of Scientific Research

How can the Federal Government, philanthropic foundations, and private firms evaluate the impacts of their R&D investments to improve the success of future investments? Vertex can help your organization better evaluate the outcomes and impacts of your investments. Using program evaluations, return on investment analyses, and qualitative methods, Vertex can help organizations better understand their broader impacts on academia, government, the economy, and society.

Education Administration

How can education institutions work across diverse departments to improve services for students? Vertex can help your organization develop continuous improvement activities to identify, target, and solve complex problems that impede student success. Using a mix of methods and approaches, Vertex can help institutions, systems, and governments identify sustainable solutions and develop continuous improvements systems to ensure that these solutions are implemented effectively.